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The Gordon School

Angela Ankoma

top from left: Angie Ankoma of the Rhode Island Foundation, Steve Craddock, Rupa Datta
bottom from left: Honorable Melissa DuBose, Kilah Walters-Clinton, Gordon Head of School Noni Thomas López

Gordon is proud to have parents Angie Ankoma, Steve Craddock, Kilah Walters-Clinton and Rupa Datta and Head of School Noni Thomas López all helping drive the Rhode Island Foundation’s ambitious Equity Leadership Initiative.

The Equity Leadership Initiative is a three-year, $8.5 million program led by Dr. Ankoma that ”intends to cultivate, mentor, and seek access for individuals who identify as Black, Hispanic or Latino, Indigenous, Asian, and multiracial from across sectors to build a pipeline of leaders of color in positions of influence in Rhode Island.” Dr. Thomas López is serving on the steering committee for the ELI.

Earlier this week, the foundation announced that Steve Craddock, Kilah Walters-Clinton and Rupa Datta were among the thirty-one chosen to participate in the ELI's inaugural class, a twelve-month leadership develpment initiative beginning this month. Ankoma, Craddock and Datta are all parents of Gordon graduates - Aniah Ankoma ’19, Myles Craddock ’20 and Reyan Datta ’21 - and Walter-Clinton has two children in Gordon’s Lower School.

Elsewhere at the foundation, the Honorable Melissa DuBose was named to the board of directors this summer; she is associate justice of the Rhode Island District Court and parent of Cam Harrington ’15 and Wyatt Harrington ’18.