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The Gordon School

Online borrowing


Online borrowing instructions:

1. Check out ebooks and audiobooks from the library here:

online borrowing

2. A blue page with “Destiny Discover” in the upper left-hand corner will open. Use the navigation suggestions at the top to help you locate a book you’d like to read.

3. To log in: a student’s username is their graduation year followed their first initial and last name. For example, the username for Gordie Gator in the Class of 2028 would be 2028ggator. Password is: bookshelf. The graduation years for the 2022-2023 school break down as follows: 
entering eighth grade: 2023
entering seventh grade: 2024
entering sixth grade: 2025
entering fifth grade: 2026
entering fourth grade: 2027
entering third grade: 2028
entering second grade: 2029
entering first grade: 2030

4. Click on the book you’d like to read. When possible, select Open rather than Checkout. When you select Open, other people can also read the book. When you select Checkout, no one else can read the book until you remember to return it!

To see what books you have checked out and to return books: While logged in, go to the Main Menu by clicking the three horizontal lines in the upper left-hand corner of the page. Select Checkouts. Select Return for all titles you are ready to return.

Online resources

The library catalog can be accessed from anywhere via
To make a donation in support of the library, go to