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The Gordon School

Spanish schoolwide

Spanish is part of the Gordon experience for all students, beginning in the youngest grades.

It’s a core subject that connects every student with communities that are present in every corner of the globe - and provides leadership opportunities for students who speak Spanish daily in their families and neighborhoods.

Instruction meets every child where they are, providing written and spoken challenges for every learner. Vocabulary and grammar are presented as part of larger lessons on the history and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.

Gordon’s multicultural curriculum also has space for students’ Latinx identities, whether or not they are fluent speakers. In addition to language instruction that builds on each student’s Spanish proficiency, there is Latines Unides, an identity-based affinity group that allows Latinx students of all ages to connect over their shared experience.

Nursery to Young Kindergarten

Integrated Spanish program

This program integrates Spanish into students' daily school routines through small group instruction and play-based learning. Guiding students through familiar transitions and routines in Spanish strengthens their listening and oral skills. In addition, the use of games invites students to speak new words and phrases. The Spanish curriculum in these grades is integrated with the learning objectives in the homeroom and in other subject area classes.


General Spanish instruction 

This program leverages the language acquired in previous years to advance communication and understanding. It is the beginning of Spanish Instruction as a standalone class at Gordon.

First to fourth grade

General Spanish instruction
Academic course for all students
Our general Lower School Spanish course introduces vocabulary, grammar, and Spanish mechanics. Students learn through singing, dancing, and playing using Español! Spanish instruction is taught through books, and songs that will teach children about the wide Spanish- speaking world around them. Students will be able to identify the unique ways that  language and culture come together.
¡Soy Bilingüe!  
Academic course for bilingual Spanish speakers.
¡Soy Bilingüe! is a course for students who are bilingual speakers and have a high level of fluency in Spanish. This course leverages verbal and aural proficiency to begin literacy in Spanish. Students participate in this program in addition to their general Spanish class. 

Fifth to eighth grade

General Spanish instruction
Academic course for students learning Spanish as a second language.
This course emphasizes building proficiency in writing, listening and speaking Spanish for students whose primary exposure to the language is at school. This course prioritizes developing students' communication and interaction skills in the language, and deepening their understanding of the cultural experiences of communities who speak Spanish.

Spanish Language Arts Strand
Academic course for bilingual Spanish speakers.
The Spanish Language Arts Strand serves students who are bilingual speakers and have a high level of fluency in Spanish. As in an English-language humanities course, students read and analyze texts, engage in discussions and construct essays and other written pieces. 

Latines Unides

Latines Unides is an identity- based affinity group open to students who identify as Latinx. Speaking Spanish is not a requirement of participation.

There are different groups for:
Nursery to Young Kindergarten
Kindergarten to fourth grade
Fifth to eighth grade

Formally known as Heritage Language in Early Childhood and Lower School and as Latinos Unidos in Middle School

Note: The name is LatinEs UnidEs to reflect our commitment to gender-inclusive language and spaces and was advocated for by our Middle School students.

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