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The Gordon School

From the fifth and sixth grade newspaper

Interview with Chef Scott and Chef Silvia
Tuesday, November 28th

We’ve all heard about how to act and what to do in the new kitchen but what about the menu?

We asked Chef Silvia and Chef Scott all types of questions and got a special tour of the new kitchen.

Will there be chocolate milk?
There will not be chocolate milk but there will be other options including whole milk, oat milk, and skim milk.

Will there be dessert every day?
No, there will be dessert every Friday. The desserts will change each Friday ranging from cakes to Rice Krispies.

Will the soup be the same each day?
No, it will change each day, we will have chicken noodles, broth soups, creamy soups, and veggie soups as well. On Fridays, we hope to have clam chowder. 

Meatless Mondays, will that be a thing?
Yes, we will have Meatless Mondays. We will try to have rice and ramen bars. We really want to try new and fun stuff and cuisine.

We were wondering if we would have pasta every day just like soup.
We will not have pasta every day but we try to have different types like ravioli and pasta and marinara. We never want you to get bored and we also want kids to try new things!

We have questions about beverages, what will we be having other than milk?
We will have spa waters which are basically just water with different fruits in it like grapefruit, pineapple, lemon, and orange. There is a hot and cold water machine that will eventually have a seltzer. 

What is the window near the Gordon logo for?
It is for trays, they will go straight into the washing room where they will dump out the food on the plate, run it through a washing machine then put it on a rack to dry.

Will the menu for the day be only on the TV near the kitchen or will it be all over?
We have screens for each station we have food at, whatever is on the menu for soups or entrees will be on the screens. 

Tell us about the sandwich bar
You will be making your own sandwiches at the sandwich bar. Sandwiches for allergies will be prepackaged and sometimes we will premake sandwiches and have a new specialty sandwich every day. 

What about condiments?
There are many condiments including many different hot sauces, mustard, soy sauce, fish sauce, sriracha, black vinegar, ketchup, mayo, and more! Sometimes we will also have honey mustard and barbeque sauce.

What are the different signs in the kitchen for?
They actually all mean something different, there will be two entrees under the crossroads signs, three booths down will have specialty items, often inspired by a particular culture, the scratch cooking sign will have different yogurt with many different toppings, grab-and-go sandwiches, and the sandwich of the day. 

SAGE Dining has a website if you ever want to give feedback, we will take out foods that students don't like very much and food that we get recommended we will do it more. It's a help-us-help-you situation!

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