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The Gordon School

Middle School

A dynamic program that challenges students to take responsibility for their own success in the classroom

By Middle School, students are continually applying their classroom learning to
real world events and experiences. The curriculum includes sophisticated material that gives each student a chance to shine, honing their individual voice and helping them find their own path to leadership.

Meaningful one-on-one relationships are a cornerstone of Gordon’s Middle School experience.

In small classes, with close guidance from teachers and advisors, students develop self-confidence, practice using multiple perspectives, work cooperatively and find joy in their own learning.

Starting in sixth grade, the daily schedule moves from a homeroom-based structure to one that is organized by academic disciplines, allowing students to grow age-appropriately in independence and responsibility. In sixth, seventh and eighth grades, students meet daily in small advisory groups, led by a faculty member who serves as a touchstone and mentor. 

Gordon’s Middle School offers a challenging academic curriculum tailored to the needs of young adolescents. Students study humanities, math, science, Spanish, health, art, music and physical education, in a dynamic, intensive and developmentally appropriate program. 

Students are challenged to think critically and creatively. They are inspired to collaborate effectively and communicate confidently through writing and speaking as they gain increased responsibility for their success in the classroom. Class discussions, organizational skills and independent research are central to the curriculum. Math, science, and technology are critical components of each day.

Gordon graduates are driven by their own curiosity and capable of directing, and assessing, their own learning. They are well-rounded citizens and critical thinkers who are able to engage cross-culturally and productively. Gordon graduates are passionate about using their skills to make a positive impact on their communities and the world.

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