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The Gordon School

Lower School

An engaging learning experience that sets the stage for academic and social success 

In Lower School, students widen their worlds, sharpening their skills on increasingly complex topics in math, science and humanities. In small groups, as a class, and as a grade, they begin to discover their own strengths as collaborators, and to practice advocating for themselves and others.

Gordon’s Lower School provides students the foundation for academic and social success. A conceptual and skills-driven curriculum uses themed lessons that span several subject areas and offers an expansive and engaging learning experience for children. The Lower School curriculum includes many perspectives while developing in each student a sense of respect and responsibility they can use as they navigate the world beyond the Gordon campus. Students work individually, in pairs and small groups, in the classroom group and as a full grade, mastering skills while working with a wide variety of their peers.
Science and social studies lessons are taught thematically, stretching students’ skills in writing, collaborating, and use of technology. The subject matter is approached from multiple perspectives, and invites gentle debate, creative problem-solving, and cross-discipline connections.
The Math in Focus curriculum, first introduced in Kindergarten, moves students from concrete topics to abstract understanding of number concepts, patterns and relationships. Spanish instruction continues throughout Lower School, emphasizing language development and the study of several Spanish-speaking cultures.
In addition to the core academic work, each Lower School student attends specialized instruction in visual arts (two weekly classes), physical education (two weekly classes), music (two weekly classes), and weekly classes with Gordon’s librarians in the library. In third and fourth grade, students visit the Creamer Science Lab twice a week for extended lessons in robotics, physics, biology and more. All Lower School students enjoy two outdoor recesses each day on Gordon’s beautiful twelve acre campus. 

Teachers proactively introduce social and emotional basics into the daily life of the classroom, drawing on concepts and vocabulary from the Open Circle curriculum that is used through Gordon.
Gordon’s literacy specialist and math specialist work with students individually and in small groups and oversee individual student reading and math progress. Gordon's Director of Technology teams up with faculty to integrate technology into classroom work and to track the ever-changing skill set that students will need. 

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