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The Gordon School

Family Table Q&As

During the week of January 23rd, Gordon invited parents and caregivers to a series of conversations about the vision for a Gordon family table outlined at

One was held over Zoom, and the recording is embedded above.

Parents were also invited to serve on one of two committees:

The Food Committee will meet throughout this spring to help shape and implement the vision for the Gordon family table next fall. Meetings would be held about every two weeks, for a commitment of around four hours a month, over Zoom and in-person.

The Green Team would be a working committee and would partner with the Leadership Team, faculty and students to plan and implement strategies to reduce, reuse, rot and recycle our way to a sustainable Gordon School. This group would meet once a month over Zoom.

Parents and caregivers can express their interest in these committees using the form below.

Be assured that there will be plenty more opportunities to connect this winter and spring, including public meetings with our partners at SAGE Dining, and additional followups based on people's questions and interests.


Ask questions and express interest in the committees