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The Gordon School

Gordon Family Table guiding principles

Nutrition and safety

Meals made in-house, from scratch with wholesome, fresh ingredients. Some products (e.g., marinara sauce are manufactured for SAGE with clean labels)

Menus reviewed by SAGE registered dietitian for complete nutritional analysis

Menu contains a variety of nutrient dense foods for both sustenance and athletic performance; food coded by nutritional density

Products without GMOs, antibiotics or hormones

No seasonings with MSG

Avoid ultra-processed foods 

No tree nuts

Twelve most common allergens labeled on food

SAGE team trained in allergen-safe food preparation methods, signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and EpiPen® use 

Beverages: cow and oatmilk; water and infused water; no juice

Dessert once a week


Buy local (150 mile radius) whenever possible; local grocers over big, national providers (on average 40% of suppliers local to Rhode Island)

Cage-free, Certified Humane eggs,

Hormone-free milk

No Antibiotics Ever chicken

Seafood sourced using guidelines from the Marine Stewardship Council and Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch


Batch cooking to reduce food waste

SAGE will meet with Green Dean, Green Team, facilities team and others to develop a sustainable program (dealing with food waste, composting, etc.)

U+SAGE waste tracking system

Meatless Mondays; daily vegetarian or vegan options

Small first servings; seconds are available for hot lunch options

Connections to curriculum, community gardens, sustainability programming


No “good” or “bad” foods; our lunch program honors and celebrates all of the reasons people eat

Variety in menu week to week and a range of items: every child has something they can eat!

Culturally diverse menu with staples for picky eaters

Vegetarian or vegan entree options everyday - two different entrees each day (not just the same entree without meat)

Start tracking meat products from day one to establish a program launch baseline

Students and adults with food allergies can safely enjoy a meal

Multiple systems of feedback