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The Gordon School

Eighth grade Civil Rights trip

Gordon’s Civil Rights Trip is the culmination of a social justice curriculum that begins in Gordon’s youngest grades, and it’s an experience that has shaped the lives of hundreds of Gordon graduates since 2002.

Over three days, they visit historic sites in Georgia and Alabama, and meet with people who are making change in the present day.

The itinerary has been different every year. It has always included the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, an extended tour of Selma, and a visit to at least one historically Black college or university.

2021 Notes from the Blog

2021: Day One

Notes on day one
• A brief drive through Atlanta
• Montgomery’s Rosa Parks Museum
• The Civil Rights Memorial at the Southern Poverty Law Center
• A walking tour of Montgomery's capitol district
• Dinner at Potz n Pans

2021: Day Two

notes on day two
• The Equal Justice Initiative
• The Legacy Museum
• The National Memorial to Peace and Justice
• An afternoon in Selma with Joanne Bland

2021: Day Three

notes on day three
• The King Memorial in Atlanta
• Some questions as students look ahead

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Remembering Jean Graetz

One of the few white people to participate in Montgomery, Alabama’s civil rights movement in the 1950s