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The Gordon School

Becoming advocates

Stand up, stand out

Gordon is a school that encourages young people to stand up for themselves and for one another, and to make space for voices that are being left out. It's something they do with words, but also through their choices and their actions. Through this practice, Gordon students stand out in the crowd... proudly.

Beginning in the youngest grades, Gordon students learn that their voices matter, and so do those of their classmates. This message is embedded in the curriculum, in the architecture, in the daily schedule, and the Nursery to eighth grade structure that puts young people in the center of the community.


“Stand up, stand out” is a phrase that applies to students, but also to the school itself. Since its founding, Gordon has adopted forward-thinking strategies and taken stands that have set the school apart from its peers, in ways that, over time, have proven to be visionary.


above: throughout the spring of 2021, Gordon Middle School students spoke candidly to the media about their experience in COVID vaccine trials, taking a firm and public stance on a controversial topic

above: from an early age, Gordon music students talk about the role of songs in social movements, so when her study of George Orwell’s Animal Farm and the US Constitution began connecting with current events, this seventh grader knew how to pull it all together in a song.

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