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The Gordon School

A place to belong

Creating and maintaining an inclusive community requires ongoing, active work.

As Gordon’s community expands, the school has continually created new ways to support students, teachers and families. The goal is always to help individuals find, keep, and use their voices, while keeping them connected to their peers and classmates.

Some of this work is done through affinity groups like Common Ground, which bring together students, faculty and parents who have shared experiences. Other times, clubs like the Gender and Sexuality Alliance, and ongoing parent education opportunities bring diverse groups together to learn from one another. Along the way, the school is providing an evolving set of resources and guidelines to support these experiences and keep the community thriving.

Student affinity groups and clubs include

  • Common Ground for students of color in Kindergarten to eighth
  • Heritage Language for Spanish-speaking students in Preschool to fourth
  • Latinos Unidos for Middle School students from Latinx families
  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance open to all Middle School students
  • Let’s Talk About Whiteness open to all Middle School students
  • Brother to Brother open to Middle School boys of color
  • A Feminism Club open to all seventh and eighth graders

Parent affinity groups include

  • Parents of Students of Color
  • Antiracism Working Group for White Parents
  • Rainbow Family Alliance for LGBTQ+ families
  • Parents of Students with Learning Differences

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