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The Gordon School
Gordon Stars

Gordon Stars is a bright and bold community of alumni who have each committed $5,000 or more to this year's Gordon Fund. This initiative was launched by Isaiah Osofisan '00, a dedicated alum serving on the Board of Trustees.

Alumni are the fastest growing segment of Gordon's donor base. Since 2019, they have tripled their support of the Gordon Fund, providing essential resources that fuel the mission-driven work happening at Gordon every day.

Gordon Stars will serve as a guiding light for philanthropic giving at Gordon, a community of graduates who recognize the longstanding impact of the Gordon experience and are moved to continue playing a role in Gordon's future.

As a young person The Gordon School offered a nurturing, challenging, and authentic educational experience and is a foundational part of who I am today. Returning to campus and becoming involved in the community as an alum has been a rewarding experience and it is heartening to see how the school has evolved yet always remained true to its altruistic roots and mission. We know that Gordon is a special place and giving back now is the best way to ensure that the lives of current and future students are enriched for generations to come.

Isaiah Osofisan '00

Gordon Constellation

Together, the dedicated support of Gordon alumni makes a huge difference. Below is a list of all alumni who have showed their support to Gordon for five or more consecutive years.

Esther Doolittle Ames '43
Edward G. Lund, Jr. '49
Harriet Greenough Luck '49
Marilyn Palmer Helmholz '50
Pauline C. Metcalf '50
David E. Daw '55
Peter Dwares '56
Parker E. Smith '57
Frederick C. Livingston '58
Carol Mann '63
Marcia Hoffer '63
Frederic W. Ripley '64 
Mary Livingston Bush-Brown '64
Peter P. Lolli '64
Susan Mann Fink '65
Amy B. Leeds '66
Rebecca E. Book '66
Barry Nelson '66
James Engle '67
Robert D. Fine '68
James F. Causey '68
Julia Nicholson Williams '68 
Marjorie Markoff Warmkessel '68
John Crocker, III '69
Richard Engle '69
Michael Rosenthal '69
Jonathan M. Nelson '70
Karen Triedman '71
John Aquino '74 
Thomas Jin '75
John Edwards '75
Ted Widmer '76
James A. Briden '77
Hilary Cohen Zwicker '80
Ward S. Caswell '80
Susanna Rhodes Beckwith '84
Eugene Johnson '87
Christine Isidoro '94
Ted Trafton '94
Robin P. Glancy '97
Mr. Adam Freedman '98
Merebea Danforth '98
Bates Parsons '02
James E. Pinkham '02
Terry Moran, Jr. '02
Alexander Heitzmann '02
Alexandra Parsons Andrews '03
Carlin O'Donnell '03
Maggie Moran '04
Jessie Parsons Bohonnon '05
Zack Mann '06
Freddy Widmer '09
Nellie Harvey '12
Blakely Dimeo '14
Rachael Romain '16
Spencer Romain '17
Charlie Callahan '17
Lily Callahan '18

To join the Gordon Constellation, simply commit to a five-year gift by completing the pledge form. 


Ready to become a Gordon Star? If you are an alum, joining is as simple as making a gift or a pledge of $5,000 or more. Alumni who join Gordon Stars during the 2022-23 fiscal year will be recognized as founding members.

If you have any questions about Gordon Stars, please contact Alexandra O'Connor at 401-434-3833 or 

Gordon Stars founding members

The Beckwith family

The Beveridge Family Foundation, Inc.

Sarah Chace Cotter '97

Jonathan Crocker '69

Robin P. Glancy ‘97 

Nellie Ting Harvey ‘12 

Mrs. Marilyn Palmer Helmholz ‘50

Jonathan Nelson '70 

Isaiah Osofisan '00

Karan Takhar '05