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The Gordon School

Planned giving

The 1910 Society

You can be a part of Gordon’s legacy by making a life-income gift, bequest or other planned gift.

The 1910 Society honors those supporters who have designated a portion of their assets in their will or through their estate planning to benefit the Gordon School. Gifts from bequests and trusts ensure the future and help establish a lasting legacy for today's students and for generations to come.

The 1910 Society is open for anyone to join and gifts of all sizes are accepted. These gifts can be directed to any of Gordon’s existing endowment funds or can create a new named fund, if the gift meets minimum requirements. Each year, this group is recognized with a special luncheon with the Head of School and Board Chair. In addition, this group is acknowledged in our annual report and other publications.

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Making a Planned Gift

Three easy ways to make a life-income gift, bequest or other planned gift

  1. Name Gordon as a sole or partial beneficiary of your will or retirement plan.
    Naming the Gordon School as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), Keogh, qualified pension, or profit-sharing plan can be the easiest and most tax-efficient way to support Gordon through your estate, since they may be subject to both estate and income taxes. When you name our tax-exempt organization as a beneficiary of your qualified retirement plan, these assets pass to Gordon tax-free.

    To make this gift, notify your plan’s administrator of your wish to change the beneficiary and complete a Change of Beneficiary form. Gordon’s tax identification number (EIN) is 050-258-876.

    If your spouse and children are currently the beneficiaries of your retirement plan, you can continue to designate them as beneficiaries, and also include Gordon as the beneficiary of a portion of the plan. When distributions are made, the plan administrator can “cash out” Gordon’s share of the account without affecting your family’s portion, so that Gordon, and your heirs, benefit from your retirement savings.

  2. Take advantage of options
    (using cash, stock or real estate) such as a charitable remainder trust, that provide you or a loved one with income for life while ultimately directing the principal to Gordon. (These gifts also entitle the donor to a tax deduction for a portion of the gift.)

  3. Leverage charitable giving options.
    Charitable lead trusts allow you to transfer wealth to heirs with no (or greatly reduced) gift and estate tax consequences.

By making a planned gift of any size, you’ll reduce your income and estate taxes while making a powerful statement about your belief in Gordon’s future.

In addition, planned gift donors become esteemed members of Gordon’s 1910 Society.

If you have made a provision for a deferred gift to the Gordon School, please complete the Planned Giving Confidential Statement of Intent.

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Gordon gratefully acknowledges the generosity and foresight of the donors listed below:

Clare Blackmer
Mr. Benjamin L. Cook, Jr. '31
Mr. and Mrs. Deming S. Cross '30

Thomas and Ellen Ewens
Joanne Fazzano
Mr. Robert D. Fine '68

Peyton and Carol Gibson
Mr. Robin P. Glancy '97
Katherine Goetz '00
Geoff Griffin
Mrs. Ann Johnson Hartzell '42
Don Heitzmann
Mrs. Marilyn Palmer Helmholz '50
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Hendrie
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hoffer
Heidi Janes
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Kahn
Mr. Herbert E. Kaplan
Ms. Sally E. Lapides
Ms. Debra Aaronson Lawless '73
Ms. Helen G. Macdonald
Frances Martindale 
Barbara Mathews '36
Jack and Sara McConnell
Mrs. Jane S. Nelson
Mark Patinkin
Chip and Amanda Riegel
Ms. Kerry C. Saltonstall
Mr. Jonathan F. Stone
James K. Sunshine
Ralph and Martha Wales

If you do not see your name listed as a member of the 1910 Society and you have remembered Gordon in your will, please let the school know so that your participation may be properly acknowledged.

If you are interested in joining this group of Gordon’s loyal supporters, please contact Alexandra O’Connor, Director of Philanthropic Engagement. 

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Checks can be made out to the Gordon School and mailed to:
45 Maxfield Avenue
East Providence, RI 02914

If you do not wish to use the online credit card form, please contact Anne Marie Ticaric at 401 434-3833