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The Gordon School

The Jacqui Ketner Joy of Science Fund

above: Jacqui Ketner was honored on campus with a celebration in May 2022

Thank you for considering supporting the Jacqui Ketner Joy of Science Fund.

The Jacqui Ketner Joy of Science Fund

Throughout Jacqui Ketner’s thirty-five years at Gordon, she showed students that everyone at any age is capable of scientific discovery and that the scientific method is joyful, empowering, and at times muddy. Jacqui started teaching science traveling classroom to classroom with her carts, bringing waterwheels, crayfish, pond nets, mystery powders, rockets, robots, roller coasters, and countless other wonders to Gordon’s Lower School students. Each lesson enabled students to discover the inner workings of the natural world for themselves. They did the science. They made the discoveries. Later, with the addition of the Lower School science lab, Jacqui’s students were able to engage in more complex longer term experiments.

Jacqui’s love for science and the natural world rubbed off on her students. The Jacqui Ketner Joy of Science Fund supports Gordon’s continued efforts to teach lower school students to relish in the joy of scientific discovery and exploration. The fund is specifically focused on enabling hands-on learning opportunities and the use of Gordon’s campus for science learning.

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