Class of 2020 Class Gift and Tuition Deposit

Dear eighth grade families, 

For sixteen years, parents from Gordon’s eighth grade class have come together to establish a permanent endowment fund to honor their children and support the school. In recent years, those funds have supported environmental science, math, the Civil Rights Trip, and Middle School literature as well as the building of new facilities. 

In any other year, we would be reaching out to ask you to continue this tradition with the Class of 2020. As we well know, this year has been like no other we have known during our time at Gordon School.
The COVID-19 pandemic has tested our community’s resilience in unprecedented ways, and the Class of 2020 has met this challenge as they always have: together. For as long as we can remember, a core characteristic of this class has been their connectedness and inclusiveness. They truly embody the unofficial Middle School motto: “Everybody in. Nobody out.” 

So it is not surprising that when Noni met with our children after March break to discuss their legacy at the school, their thoughts turned to how they could help Gordon students, teachers, and families stay connected to the school and to one another during times of crisis.

In their conversation with Noni, the eighth graders expressed a particular hope that future classes would not have to experience the pain of a long-term separation from their campus, their classmates, and their teachers.

The eighth graders are not the only ones at Gordon thinking along these lines this spring. Guided by the belief that one of Gordon’s greatest strengths is our community, the school is focusing its fundraising efforts towards a community crisis fund, which will help current families who have suffered economically as a result of COVID-19 to remain at Gordon School. 

This community crisis fund will also be used to help pay for facilities expenses related to reopening safely in the fall. Funds will also be set aside for a discretionary fund for the Head of School to allow Noni maximum flexibility in addressing other needs that may arise for students, faculty, and staff as a result of this pandemic. 

In alignment with our school's mission and guiding principles, and in honor of the spirit of the Class of 2020, a portion of the eighth grade gift will be placed in Gordon’s endowment fund, which will help to support and maintain an equitable, diverse, and inclusive school community.
We believe it would be a fitting legacy for the Class of 2020 to make one of the first gifts to the community crisis fund and have set a goal of $25,000. We have our work cut out for us and will need support from all families in order to reach this ambitious goal, but we are confident we can do it.  

We hope that your family will consider a gift to this fund. A simple start to consider: when your child entered Gordon School, you were asked to make a $400 deposit. This deposit can be donated back to the school as part of your gift. You can also consider making an additional gift to help us reach the $25,000 goal. Any one of us would be happy to have a conversation about what might work best for your family.
We continue to be moved by the generosity and compassion of the Class of 2020 and thank you in advance for considering being a part of this treasured eighth grade tradition.

Thank you for making a gift supporting the Compassionate Community Fund. 

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Tuition deposits and all gifts to the school are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged in the Annual Report.