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The Gordon School

Annual report corrections

October 2023

Dear Friends and Family,

Last week, we issued Gordon’s annual report, a summary of giving over the course of the 2022-2023 school year. Over the years, this publication has grown into a broader look back on the year in the life of our red-roofed village, but the heart of it is always a recognition of and gratitude for the philanthropic support that fuels Gordon’s mission.

After the report was published, we realized, due to a database error, that several gifts were not included. The following is a list of those omitted gifts:

A gift to the CJ Buckley Fund for Experiential Learning, on page 10, given by Mr. Fred J. Franklin.

Gifts in honor and memory on page 22, including:

Gifts in honor of 
Greg Carson
Corey, Sara and Liam Flanders
Rosalie Hammel
Rumi Ishihara
Harper Kimura
Jonah and Mina Lewkowitz
Amon and Ursula Morley
Orlagh Reo
Nurse Mary Straub
Sarah Whinery

Gifts in memory of 
Ernesto Caserta (given by John Caserta and Sarah Leibel)
Nuala Frijolita (given by Andrew Belcher and Anusha Venkataraman)
Donald L. Goodrich (given by Courtney Harris and Sarah Verardo)
Mercedes Quevedo (given by Ms. Lilly Soltani '80)
TC Rogers (given by Alli-Michelle Conti and Ajay Vinoben)
Peter W. Sadick '70 (given by Ms. Barbara Sadick '67).

I deeply regret that these gifts were not included in our annual report. These gifts recognize and commemorate members of our Gordon family, and I hope this community-wide correction serves to honor these individuals as originally intended. 

Corrected copies of the annual report are being provided to the impacted donors as well as the honorees. If you are interested in receiving a corrected copy of the full report, please use the form below to request one. The corrected page 22 is also available here and can be downloaded if you wish to print it out yourself. 

I want to thank the impacted donors, who have all been gracious about this error, as well as the team who puts together our annual report each year and worked hard to get the revisions to the report out this week. I’ll end by expressing my sincere appreciation to Gordon’s philanthropic community. Your generosity is inspiring, and your support is essential to the work we are doing at Gordon every day.

With gratitude,


Request a corrected copy of the annual report