Town Hall, spring 2021


On April 14th, over one hundred and twenty-five parents, faculty and staff convened online for a Town Hall to talk about planning for next fall.

Here's how Dr. Thomas López invited everyone:

New families have enrolled for the fall, staffing plans are being made, and the COVID-19 crisis has advanced far enough to allow us to make some basic assumptions about safety for next year. Planning for next year is well under way, and I want to invite all of you into the conversation.

While the past year and a half has required us to expect change as a part of our daily existence, it is important to manage transitions thoughtfully and transparently. In that spirit, I would like to invite you to join me Wednesday, April 14th at 6:30pm over Zoom, so I can share the initial decisions that have been made for next year and talk through some of the variables that we are working around as we plan. Some of this planning is related to COVID-19, but not all of it.

One of the most exciting things about next fall is that we will be joined by over seventy new families who have just completed the admissions process. I am inviting them to this town hall as well, so this evening will also become their official debut in the Gordon community.

I know the timing is tight, and the program will be recorded and available afterwards, but I hope you can join me live and in person. There will be time for questions and answers, and I will enjoy seeing your faces again, even if it is only over Zoom.