Second grade summer work

Dear families,

To be ready for second grade, we would like our fabulous first graders to practice adding and subtracting the numbers zero through twenty through the summer. The goal would be for them to be comfortable with these facts by the end of the summer. There are many ways to accomplish this. Here is a list of websites and games we recommend. Choose the combination that works for your family. Working with your child three times a week for fifteen minutes would be great. Enjoy!
Informal math conversations
Incorporate math into daily routines. Make change at a store. Add how many hours you went swimming during a week. Cook with your child calculating the measurements you need. 

Dice Game
Roll two dice. Add or subtract the numbers.
Meet Up (a.k.a. War)
Take out the face cards. Aces are 1. Play war putting two cards down at a time. Add or subtract the numbers before collecting the piles.

Go Fish
Play Go Fish. Instead of asking for the same number, ask for the number that you need to make 10.
Lots of great online games at

We would also like for your children to continue reading this summer. Our wonderful librarian has put together a summer book list that has wonderful book options for you to read to your children and for them to read on their own. Along with sharing books with your child, please have your child read to you for at least fifteen minutes three times a week in a book at their level. If you need help figuring out appropriate books for your child, please let us know. 
You child will also have access to their Lexia account. Please have your child work on Lexia a few times a week until they have completed level ten. Lexia (Core 5) is a literacy app that our first and second graders use at school. The scope and sequence of skills is very similar to the one we use in our classrooms.

You can download directions on how to download Lexia Core 5. You will use Marlon Henry's email as the teacher email:

username: 2027firstinitiallastname (ie 2027swelsh for Siobhan Welsh)
password: 1234

Please feel free to contact Marlon Henry at if you have any questions.

Audiobooks are another great option, especially if you are traveling. You can get the text along with the audiobook and have your child follow along. Learn how to borrow from Gordon's collection at

Siobhan, Amy, Andrea and Eric