Fourth grade summer work

Dear Families,
To be ready for fourth grade, we would like our third graders to practice their multiplication and division facts 1-10 through the summer. The goal would be for them to be fluent and automatic with these facts by the end of the summer. There are many ways to accomplish this.
Here is a list of websites and games. Choose the combination that works for your family. Working with your child 3 times a week for 15 minutes would be great. We have also created a short summer packet of math work that students should complete in August. You can access download and print this packet here, or pick it up at Gordon this summer.

Reflex Math
Students will have access to Reflex Math accounts through the summer. We recommend that they continue using the app three times a week. If you need a user name and password to log in, please contact Eric Kravitz, the schoolwide math specialist, at If they are fluent with their facts in all four operations this will greatly increase their ability to do more cognitively challenging tasks like multi-digit multiplication, long division, and fraction operations.

Informal Math Conversations
Incorporate math into daily routines. Make change at a store. Determine how many hours you will swim over the course of the summer. Cook with your child using fractions and calculating the measurements you need. 

Bedtime Math
This is a great website with daily short stories and problems that will provide you with great mathematical conversation starters.
Go to and click on online games.

Thinking Blocks
Students can go to This is a great way for them to practice bar modeling which is a powerful method to solve challenging word problems.
We would also like for your children to continue reading this summer. Our librarian has put together a summer book list that has wonderful book options for you to read to your children and for them to read on their own. Along with sharing books with your child, please have your child read for at least thirty minutes, three times a week in a book at their level.

There is a reading log to fill out we'd like each student to fill out. It can be filled out online at or printed out. If you need help figuring out appropriate books for your child, please let us know. Audiobooks are another great option, especially if you are traveling. You can get the text along with the audiobook and have your child follow along.
Emily, Katie, Andrea and Eric