Eighth grade: preparing for September

Eighth grade overnight

Forms and information for the eighth grade overnight is here.

Eighth grade summer work

June 2021

Dear rising eighth grader,

Your teachers from this past year prepared a math packet for you to complete before school starts in September. Your new teacher next year will expect you to have this work complete by the first day of school, so please bring your completed work with you that day. If you need a printout of this packet mailed to you, please email ggriffin@gordonschool.org

We recommend that you do a little of this work every few days over the summer, or maybe pick a day each week to work for an hour on it. This way, you will keep these concepts and skills fresher in your mind, which should make the start of the year easier.  

If you have trouble remembering how to do a particular kind of problem, just do the best you can and show your work. Your teacher will understand if you forget things or make mistakes, but do try each problem!

You can also check the Math in Focus website to review skills or concepts. We hope this practice is helpful for you this summer. Please contact either Mr. Kravitz or Mr. Burnstein if you have any questions.

We would also like you to continue reading this summer. Please draw on the summer reading list for this work. Summer reading books do not need to be purchased, feel free to take advantage of your local library! There are also books that are available as digital audio books and as ebooks. Instructions on how to access those are at www.gordonschool.org/onlineborrowing  Remember to record your choices in the log

Have a wonderful summer!


Gabe Burnstein
Middle School Director

Eighth grade supply lists

Eighth graders will on an overnight trip in September. A list of basic supplies, including bedding (sleeping bag, or sheets and blankets), a flashlight and a water bottle, is included in these forms.

For PE: Shorts, t-shirt, sweatpants, sweatshirt, sneakers, non-aerosol deodorant

One 1½ inch view binder in your child’s choice of color (PLEASE be sure that it is 1.5” and NO LARGER)

One set of five tab dividers with pockets 

Two sets of  five tab dividers with pockets 

One pencil pouch 

Two three-hole punched graph paper notebooks (math) 

One Cornell Notes Notebook ( science: please order this specific notebook!!)

One three subject notebook (humanities)  

Two secure-bound composition books, one hundred sheets (one Spanish, one health)

Two hundred three-by-five index cards (science)

Forty-eight mechanical or wooden pencils

Separate pencil eraser 

Pens (black, blue and red)


Three-ring twelve-inch long plastic/rubber/metal ruler 

One thin permanent marker (Sharpie)

Scientific calculator (We recommend TI -30XIIS or TI 30 XS if you haven’t already purchased one)