Community agreements for fall 2020

For Gordon's campus to remain open this fall, Gordon parents, caregivers, faculty, and staff must commit to the following:

  • To complete the Gordon safety app each morning by the designated time and answer the screening questions honestly
  • To bring students to campus only if they have been cleared by the safety app

  • To stay home if you, your child, or someone in your household is not feeling well or is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms 
  • To wear masks and practice social distancing at all times
  • To maintain healthy hygiene habits, especially handwashing
  • To keep individual and household immunity up by getting sleep, eating well, exercising, and spending time outside
  • To read all updates from the school carefully, ask questions when necessary, and give thoughtful feedback 
  • To stay up-to-date on and follow the guidance of the Rhode Island Department of Health both on and off campus
  • To be positive and gracious when giving and receiving safety reminders and suggestions
  • To trust that other community members are making wise, informed choices, especially when those choices seem to be different than your own
  • To extend grace and understanding when feeling anxious or frustrated and to ask questions before making assumptions
  • To recognize our individual and collective role in keeping the school safe and healthy, whether on Gordon’s campus or off

What students and families can expect from Gordon:

All faculty and staff will model cheerful mask use, social distancing, and other hygiene and safety habits, during the school day as well as during before and after school programs.

All faculty and staff will stay home if they are not feeling well or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and will leave campus as soon as possible if they develop symptoms while on campus.

The school will be clear in its expectations with students and remain compassionate and patient as students adjust to new classroom routines and practices.

The school will provide regular updates to the community and communicate clearly and transparently about the strategy and rationale that drives its decisions.

The school will continue to monitor announcements of elected and appointed officials and stay in dialogue with the Rhode Island Departments of Health and Education.

The school will adapt its plan or revisit previous decisions in order to keep the community safe and healthy.

The school will ground decisions related to the pandemic in science, data and facts, informed by the community's love and concern for one another.

The school will remain committed to bringing Gordon's mission of joyful learning to life every day.

What Gordon will expect from students and families:

Students will only come to school after completing the safety app and receiving a clearance to be on campus.

Students will arrive at school with a filled water bottle, lunch and a snack, and a clear understanding of their after school plans.

Students will tell an adult if they feel ill while on campus.

Students will take Gordon's health and safety practices seriously and do their best to comply with these protocols during the school day.

Students will do their best to bring their full, authentic selves to school each day.

Families will register before the deadline for any care they need before and after school, understanding that drop-ins will not be possible.

Parents and caregivers will arrange to pick-up their child within an hour, if the health office notifies them that a child must be sent home.

Families will share their questions and concerns directly with the appropriate administrators, using email, the phone, or the form at