Field Day 2020

Dear Gordon Families,

We are excited to announce that the Gordon Field Day tradition will continue, reimagined for the Online Learning Community, on Monday, June 8th. 

Field Day has been a celebration of play and an opportunity for joyful learning and community building at the end of the school year. In that spirit, this year will be no different: this day is a culmination of the learning students have done during PE classes especially around topics of sportsmanship, inclusiveness, and integrity. 

When families log into the Online Learning Community on Friday June 5th they will see, as part of the daily schedule, a preview of Monday's Field Day activities. Lower School and Middle School will also learn what team color they will be prior to field day. On Monday, June 8th, families are invited to share photos and videos of the fun with Mr. Griffin at or 401 480 9933; he will then share them on Gordon's social media for all the school to see.

Early Childhood
Families can take part in the fun together and, because we know that everyone is available at different times, each family should feel free to complete the events at their own convenience and pace. Some students may enjoy moving from one event to the next while others may prefer to complete only one or two events. In a new twist this year, Early Childhood students will be assigned to the Rainbow team, wearing as many colors as they can while completing events. Classroom teachers will begin the day with a class Zoom meeting and will share a special video in order to boost motivation. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this!

Lower School
In Lower School we would like to encourage students and families to complete at least three of the five events posted in the Online Learning Community. Activities will be posted on Friday, June 5th, so students will have time to gather the needed materials, to set up the event for their family and to review the directions with each other before engaging in the event. Keeping with tradition, students will be assigned to different color teams. Classroom teachers will host a beginning of the day Zoom meeting in order to encourage student participation.

Middle School
The Middle School events are intended to create a friendly competition between the students and the Middle School faculty. Students and faculty should try to complete at least five of the events and post their results using the Google Form provided by 1pm. Mrs. Fraza and Mr. Ray will tally the points and judge any videos in order to declare a winning team - students or faculty -  at the Middle School meeting at 2pm. Keeping with tradition, students will be assigned to different color teams. Middle School faculty will host beginning of the day and midday Zoom meetings to check in with students (and to trash talk).

For students in Early Childhood and Lower School, please know that alternate asynchronous activities will also be posted on the daily schedule.  

We are really excited that Gordon Gators will have the opportunity to participate in Field Day this spring and look forward to seeing all the ways Gordon families show their school spirit!
As always, please be in touch with any questions,

Kristen Fraza    

Damon Ray