The closing of the campus due to COVID-19 has challenged us to reimagine what athletics at Gordon can be, look, and feel like for our students and families. 

Athletics is not a requirement at Gordon, but for over twenty years approximately 90% of Middle School students have participated in one or more athletic teams throughout the year. For some it’s a four year journey that leads to high school athletic participation and captainships. For every participant, athletics provides the space for belonging, connection, healthy risk-taking, and continued practice building skills of empathy and fair play. 

Beginning in fifth grade, students can put on Gordon’s green and white jersey and represent their school. We work hard to ensure that every child finds a place of belonging, no matter what, on a team of their choosing. COVID-19 may stop us from interscholastic play but it will not stop us from donning the green and white. Nor will it prevent us from playing, training, and pursuing the objectives of Gordon’s athletic program.

Beginning on April 20th, families can expect that...

  • Every Middle School student who wants to participate on a Gordon athletic team and wear a Gordon jersey this spring, will!
  • Gordon spring athletics 2020 will be reimagined and continue to meet its stated goals such that every participating student will…
    • Have had a positive athletic and team experience learning about sportsmanship, empathy, communication, winning and losing with integrity, and healthy risk-taking
    • Have learned to recognize, understand, and evaluate the needs of a team in relationship to their needs as an individual
    • Have had the responsibility of representing Gordon school within a larger community 

How will we meet these objectives? Together.

Coaches will post workouts, conduct individual check-ins with players, host team meetings, and build a sense of togetherness even as we are apart. 

Parents will let us know what is working and what isn’t and share their thoughts, observations, and resources with us by emailing Ms. Fraza at

Students will set and pursue their athletic goals, practice skills of empathy and resilience, find or rediscover the feeling of being on a team, and stretch their capacity to build connection and community beyond Gordon’s campus in our virtual reality. 

We look forward to a successful spring season for all Gordon athletes!


Who are the coaches?
Baseball: Coach Ralph Caruso
Track and Field: Coach Damon Ray
Boys Lacrosse: Coach RJ Ray
Girls Lacrosse: Coach Haley McCusker
Tennis: Coach Eric Kravitz

Can I sign up for more than one sport?
No, we would like to focus on building a team community much like we would during a typical season. For this reason, and to avoid overtraining, we are asking that students choose one spring team to join.

Can I participate in both athletics and the musical?
YES! Team meetings will be scheduled between 3pm and 3:45pm, and will not conflict with the musical. Because athletes can complete their training independently, they can also participate in the musical. Athletes should plan to be at team meetings each week in order to review the training program with coaches, to set individual goals and to support one another in reaching those goals.

What if I don’t have the necessary equipment?
Let Ms. Fraza know and she will coordinate a drop off or pick up with your family. 

Will there be live practices?
Yes, coaches will schedule any live practices with the team during team meetings. These will not be full length practices. Instead, coaches will be live to demonstrate the necessary skills and to get athletes started with the training.

What technology will my family need?
The teams will be using Zoom to meet and to have quick live practices. They will also be invited to use Flipgrid in order to submit videos of their work. 

Please email Ms. Fraza at with any questions that are not addressed here.