GCA Carnival Scavenger Hunt 2021

animation by a Gordon sixth grader

The all-new, COVID-compliant, Carnival Scavenger Hunt 2021
Saturday, May 22nd
Co-Chairs: Harmony Bodurtha and Ethan Huckel

This fun, free, and flexible event runs from 8am to 6pm. It will not take ten hours! The timing allows you to decide when and how to participate. The challenges are designed so that families can have fun for a half hour or a whole morning.

Each student will get their challenges through the GooseChase app, and connect with each other through a private, live feed through the app all day long. Adults will be in the feeds throughout the day to keep everyone focused. Every challenge can be completed through the app, by submitting photos, video or other information. No one needs to collect physical objects.

On the day of the hunt, players choose the challenges they want to complete. It’s up to you if your search takes place in your backyard or across Rhode Island.

We're all winners
Students earn points by completing fun challenges. Points will be tallied by house, and the top three houses in each division will win prizes. Totals will be adjusted according to a secret formula to account for the fact that houses are different sizes.

Preparing for the day

Who is playing?
Every student will need a mobile device with a working camera. The challenges are designed so that Middle School students could play with a group of friends, but younger students may need adult help.

Sign up
Sign up at Eventbrite - www.gordonschool.org/tickets - for one of three different scavenger hunts, designed for students in each division. The Scavenger Hunt team will use the email addresses in your registrations to distribute the game code and password as the 22nd approaches.

Set up the app
Download the GooseChase app onto the devices you'll be using on the 22nd, and set up accounts with GooseChase. Set up accounts using the same email addresses you used for the Eventbrite tickets. Begin each username with the name of the house the student belongs to - "Horton100" or "TrantGoGators" etc.

What's next?
On Tuesday and Thursday of next week, the Scavenger Hunt team will be at dropoff to distribute t-shirts and answer questions.

Be ready!
The Scavenger Hunt team will communicate with players through the email addresses they provided when they registered. The challenges will go live at 8am on Saturday, May 22nd. Sign in to GooseChase any time over the day and have fun!

The Scavenger Hunt co-chairs are Harmony Bodurtha at harmonyconti@yahoo.com or Ethan Huckel at ethan.huckel@gmail.com. They would love to hear your ideas and answer your questions!

Special thanks as always to Cyrus Highsmith for his design work.