Gordon Community Association

There are some organizations you have to join. Not this one! By virtue of being an adult member of the Gordon community, you are both welcomed and needed as a member of the Gordon Community Association. 

It doesn't matter if it's your first year at Gordon or if you've been here for many years; your voice matters and your involvement will enrich us all. We know everyone has different schedules and lots of things they are juggling, and we welcome your participation at any level. 

Did you know that the GCA contributes to the parent education series and to the Gordon Fund? With your help the GCA contributed over $25,000 to the school last year. In addition, the Gordon Community Association provided funds and volunteer power to fuel teacher appreciation luncheons, parent education events, the visiting author visit, division gatherings and other special activities for students and families throughout the year. 

We understand that meetings aren't everyone's cup of tea. But we also know that the combined firepower of Gordon's adult community provides an essential spark that lights the future for our children. We encourage you to find your own pathway to participation, by attending a meeting, volunteering for an event, sharing an idea that can help us support the Gordon community, or finding new ways to help the GCA evolve as a group of caring people committed to a common goal. 


GCA leadership

Karen Isenberg
Carly Keehn-Schupp
Amelie Tartaglione

Jac Campos

Committee chairs

Book Fair
Karen Isenberg
Cynthia Ragona

Harmony Bodurtha

Teacher Appreciation Lunch
Cheryl Turnquist (fall)
Prema O'Brien (winter)
Mary Lou Nicholson (spring)

Photo Day
Anthony Green
Angel Tucker

GCA mission and purpose

The Gordon Community Association (GCA) supports the mission of Gordon. It builds community among students and their families, faculty, administrators, and staff through creative fundraising, educational and social activities.

The Guiding Principles of the GCA are:
To generate good will
To encourage participation of all families
To create a spectrum of opportunities for involvement
To enrich Gordon through the GCA’s yearly gifts