Ages and Stages

Informal meetings for each grade level

Ages and Stages is a series of informal meetings for each grade level. The school psychologist and the division director lead a discussion of the developmental stages that children experience at each grade level. This is one more opportunity to strengthen your connection with the division directors and with the families of your child’s peers.

The dates for 2019 were changed in December.

The new dates are below. Apologies for any confusion!

January 10th, 8:15am 

January 31st, 8:15am
Preschool and Young Kindergarten

February 7th, 8:15am

February 14th, 8:15am
First grade

February 28th, 8:15am  
Second grade

March 7th, 8:15am
Third grade

March 28th, 8:15am
Fourth grade