Parent education and engagement

A strong partnership between the school and families

Gordon’s calendar is packed with events that connect families with one another, and keep the conversation between the school and parents lively and relevant.

Last spring, Gordon showed that it can maintain and nurture these connections online. As the school year begins, the plan is to hold these meetings over Zoom. Zoom links will be posted in

Gordon will also be discovering new ways to connect faculty, staff and parents online over the coming year. The 2020-2021 school year will combine on-campus learning and virtual parent and family engagement, creating a safe and joyous learning experience while creatively engaging parents with virtual field trips, pen pals, trivia nights, and Zoom coffee with Gordon families and staff. Claire Phipps, Gordon’s new Chief Advancement and Experience Officer, will be bringing these ideas to life this year; reach out to her with your suggestions at or 401 434-3833 x113.

Parent dialogues

Gordon’s series of parent dialogues continues, more interactive and participatory than ever.

The 2020-2021 program is focused on antiracist education, and features conversations led by special guests, Gordon faculty, and members of the parent community.

The full schedule is here.

Bringing parents together

House representatives
The GCA has expanded its parent representative program this
year. Each house will have a designated parent rep who will bring families together throughout the year, building on the popular Zoom get-togethers from the past spring. Families can expect to hear from their house representative this August, and all through the year.

Treat each other well
The coffee is on Gordon when parents take each other out for a treat at a locally owned business this year. Contact Claire Phipps at or 401 434-3833 x113 for a gift card to Madrid Bakery, Seven Stars or Borealis, any time!

Convening parent groups

The Gordon Community Association is the school’s volunteer organization. All parents are members, and are welcome to participate at whatever level they feel comfortable. More on the GCA at

The monthly meetings  of the Parents of Students of Color are on the calendar. More information on POSOC at

The Rainbow Family Alliance is the informal network of Gordon families who are part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and intersex communities. Information about their gatherings will be announced in the Thursday Gordon News emails and posted at

Information on the Antiracism Working Group for White Parents is at


Coffees with Claire

Coffee with Claire will happen throughout the year over Zoom, with Claire Phipps, Gordon’s Chief Advancement and Experience Officer, leading a conversation with various members of the Gordon community. 

Archived conversations, and the full calendar, are at

Opportunities for parents

Comparing notes

Ages and Stages

The long-running Ages and Stages series will resume in September. Zoom offers an opportunity for parents to connect more regularly and for this academic year, Ages and Stages will occur monthly.

At these friendly and informal meetings, the school psychologist and the division director lead a discussion on the developmental stages that children experience at each grade level. Parents can strengthen their connections with the division directors and with the families of their children’s peers. 

Parent-teacher conferences

For this academic year, parent-teacher conferences will be held by Zoom. Parents can expect a prompt from their children’s classroom teachers inviting them to schedule an October and March conference. There are no classes on one day in October and another in March. Instead, teachers dedicate that day to meeting with parents. Accommodations can be made for parents who cannot make it on that day, but it is important that all parents connect directly with teachers in October and March.

More online resources

Antiracism resources includes book lists, videos and more generated from the work happening at Gordon every day.

In the "Diversity and multicultural practice" section of the website, there is a large library of online resources, many of them written by Gordon authors or by speakers who have visited Gordon.