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Lunch signup

Lunch basics

from the handbook:
Students are responsible for their own lunches, either bringing them to school or signing up for the school’s lunch program. 
All students have access to free fresh fruit at lunch. Refrigeration is not available, and students do not have access to a microwave. Milk, water and utensils are available for all students in the dining hall. 
Early Childhood and Lower School students have snacks provided in the morning. A second snack is provided in the afternoon for Early Childhood students. Middle School students may bring a snack from home to have during morning recess.

You will never pack lunch again
Lunch will be served every full school day, and bagged lunches will be provided during off campus field trips on Tuesday-Friday. Lunch is not served on noon dismissal days or on Fridays in Early Childhood unless a child is specifically registered for it.

Easy billing
Lunch will be billed monthly in installments. Please contact the Business Office at 401 434-3833 x144 or with any billing questions.

A full year’s lunch will be $1100 for students in first to eighth grade. For Early Childhood students not signing up for lunch on Fridays, the cost for the year will be $550. With the addition of Fridays, the cost for Early Childhood students will be $650 for the year.

Keeping it simple
It will not be possible to sign up children for less than the full program.
Children in grades one through eight must sign up for the lunch program for a full week and children in Nursery through Kindergarten must either sign up for Monday through Thursday or Monday through Friday.
Families cannot request specific days of the week for their child to participate in the lunch program.
It is not possible to provide refunds when a child is absent from school.
Any requests to add or remove a child from the lunch program or to switch in or out of the vegetarian option will be honored on the first day of the following month.