The March menu is now available to download Early Childhood first to eighth grade


A satisfying, nutritious lunch is served every day to students in the catered lunch 
program, beginning on the first day of school.

New for this year

Lunch is prepared by Revolution Foods, whose mission is “to build lifelong healthy eaters by making kid-inspired, chef-crafted food accessible to all.”

This new vendor represents a major step forward as Gordon works to provide a more healthy and delicious lunch program.

Revolution Foods has worked with schools across the nation since 2007, providing varied and healthy meals that exceed the nutrition and safety goals outlined by the USDA’s Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act.

Menus will change on a monthly basis, with each new schedule announced via email two weeks in advance.

As always

Students are also welcome to pack their own lunches, and they will be seated alongside the students who are having the catered lunch.

Students in first to eighth grade gather in the dining hall and eat in small groups at round tables to encourage positive social connections.

The catered menu is free of peanuts and tree nuts. When signing up for lunch, families can choose a vegetarian option.

Catered lunch is served every full school day, and bag lunch is provided when classes are off campus on a field trip.

There is no lunch on noon dismissal days.

Fruit is available to all students every day free of charge.

Frequently asked questions

The lunch menu lists several options. How will that work?

Each child will need to choose one option when they are in line to get their lunch. Hot vegetarian options listed on the menu are available to all (not just the children who have chosen the vegetarian option on their signup form).

I'm not sure I want to commit for the year. What should I do?

Families can sign up for one month at a time. Sign up using the online form and, if you choose to discontinue, write to Cheryl Fanti at Once school has begun, please share your decision with the school by the Tuesday before the coming month (for October, let Ms. Fanti know by September 23rd).

How is billing going to work?

Parents will be billed once a month with the total spread over ten months.

I checked out the Revolution Food website and noticed they use single use containers. Is Gordon doing that?

No!  Revolution Foods appreciates Gordon's desire to limit waste  and have agreed to use reusable trays very similar to what have been used in the past.

How does Revolution Foods source its ingredients?

Revolution Foods partners with a variety of local, regional and national vendors "to source high-quality ingredients that meet our clean label standards." They are new to the Rhode Island market, and do not have partnerships with many Rhode Island vendors, but their New England partners include Calise Bakery of Lincoln, Rhode Island, as well as Costa, Common Wealth Kitchen, and Katsiroubas Bros.

This is so clear and you are making this so easy. Who should I thank?

Cheryl Fanti, the Early Childhood and Lower School Assistant and Gordon's Database Manager, is managing the signups and fielding everyone's questions. You should know who she is, because she's the one you should contact about all lunch logistics, at

Sign up now

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