Viewing Gordon's calendar with Apple Calendar

If you have a Google account

1. If you have a Google account, go to on a computer or iPad (not a phone), then follow the instructions for "Google Calendar"

2. Then follow the instructions on Google's See Google Calendar events on Apple Calendar page
If that does not work, please email
If you do not have a Google account

1. If you do not have a Google account, open the Calendar application on your computer or iPad (not your phone)

2. Under the “file” menu, choose “New calendar subscription”

3. You will be prompted for the URL of a calendar. 

Below are the URLs for all of the calendars that Gordon parents might want.
You may cut and paste them into the URL field, one at a time.
Make sure to add “Gordon schoolwide” as well as the calendars for the divisions your children are in.

When you add each calendar, you will be prompted to choose a number of settings. Choosing to autorefresh every hour will ensure that you stay up-to-date.
If this does not work, please email or stop by the Nelson Field House at Orientation on September 6th.



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