The school day

8-8:10am: Classrooms open

Classrooms open at 8am, and school begins at 8:10am.

After 8:10am: Late arrivals

Students who arrive after 8:10am must be signed in at the front desk.

By 9am: Reporting absences

If a student is absent from school, the parents must call the front desk before 9am on the day of the absence.

To leave a message outside of school hours, dial 401 434-3833 and press 9.

When a parent calls in a student’s absence, they may request that the student’s homework assignments be made available to them. Middle School students can frequently find homework assignments on their teachers’ web page.

11:45am: Early Childhood half day

Dismissal for half-day students in Early Childhood is 11:45am. On Fridays, all of Early Childhood is dismissed at 11:45am. 

3:20pm (2pm Fridays): Dismissal

Lower School and Middle School dismissal is at 3:20pm. Early Childhood dismissal for full-day students is also at 3:15pm, except Fridays when all Early Childhood students are dismissed at 11:45am.

Students who are picked up at dismissal wait with their teachers in the front of the school or in a nearby room with their teachers. Adults picking up children can park and walk up to the waiting child, or remain in their car in the school’s driveway pick-up line, where school staff will be on hand to manage traffic flow and safety.

Students must be picked up by one of the adults named on the Authorization for Pickup Form that is on file for every Gordon student, and remain in that adult’s care until they leave the campus. Gordon staff reserve the right to check the identification of any adult before dismissing a student into their care.

Students whose rides are late must check in at the front desk and then go to Gators or YAP. If parents or caregivers know they are going to be a few minutes late, they are encouraged to call the front desk.