Meet faculty, staff and volunteers

New students have many new people to meet, and so do their families.

Classroom teachers

Your child’s classroom teacher is the first person to go to when you have questions, concerns and ideas about your child’s development. Classroom rosters are announced in a mailing that goes home to parents in August. There is more on how to communicate with teachers elsewhere in this guide.

GCA representatives

Each grade is assigned a volunteer from the Gordon Community Association who serves as a conduit for communication between the home and the school. You can count on this person to keep you posted on major upcoming school events.


The Admissions Office matches each new family with an experienced Gordon family that has a child at the same grade level. These mentors can be great resources as your family transitions to Gordon.

The nurse

Gordon has a full time nurse on duty. It is important to keep the nurse briefed on all health issues, so that the school can respond quickly and appropriately to all students’ needs. She can be reached by phone through the front desk, 401 434-3833, or, and forms and fact sheets from her office are available at

The front desk staff

The school’s administrative assistant, Kim O’Donnell, is everyone’s first stop when they are looking for a student, a teacher, or a piece of vital information. You will need to sign in with the front desk, and get a visitor badge, before going beyond the front office. Next time you call the school, or pass through the front office, take the time to introduce yourself. 

The Head of School

Head of School Noni Thomas López is responsible for your child’s education and welfare during their years at Gordon. You’ll get to know Noni informally, at school events and in the hallways, but you should also feel free to schedule a one-on-one appointment with her at any time by contacting the Assistant to the Head, Clare Blackmer.

The academic directors

The academic directors oversee the day-to-day implementation of the curriculum, and work closely with individual faculty, student and parents. Together, they are responsible for your family’s experience at Gordon.

The Assistant Head Lynn Bowman works with faculty and administrators to enhance the school’s multicultural curriculum and support teachers in their work.

The Early Childhood and Lower School Director Maryanne Pieri welcomes our youngest families and shepherds them through the years when students’ language and math skills blossom, and they become increasingly capable of independent work.

The Middle School Director Gabe Burnstein oversees fifth through eighth grade, the culmination of a student’s Gordon experience, and plays a key role in preparing students for the new challenges of high school.

The directors are assisted by Cheryl Fanti, Early Childhood and Lower School Assistant and Kim Mongeon, Middle School Assistant and Assistant to the Assistant Head

The academic directors are available to meet with parents on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They are in teacher meetings, and observing classes, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Appointments can be made by calling the school or via email. 

The Admission Office

As a new family, you already have a relationship with the Admission Office. Questions regarding enrollment or Family Individualized Tuition can be directed to Admission Director Veronica Jutras, 
Associate Director of Admissions and Database Management Angela Alston, and Jennifer Surgenor,
Associate Admissions Director for Early Childhood

The Business Office

The Business Office has all of the information you need about billing and Family Individualized Tuition, and the Chief Financial Officer, Tom Cicatiello, is also responsible for maintaining the school’s physical plant. Controller Carmen Garcia should be your first stop if you have any questions or concerns about billing and payment options.

The After School Programs Coordinator

Every family will work with Jenny Alario at some point in their time at Gordon. 

She coordinates the 3:20-5:30pm Gators and YAP programs, and also manages three seasons of enrichments, daylong coverage on conference days and certain holidays, summer camp and the occasional evening program. Introduce yourself, and your child, and get to know her team.

The Development Office

The Development Director Paola Martinez manages all of Gordon’s fundraising efforts, organizes special events and maintains the school’s connection with alumni. She is also an excellent resource if you are interested in making a gift or volunteering at Gordon.

Anne Marie Ticaric is the Development Assistant who provides database and logistical support for the department. 

Communications Director Geoff Griffin is responsible for much of the school’s photography and written communication. Bring him questions about the website, weekly emails, and mailings.