Gordon recognizes the importance of collaboration between the school and students’ families. Here are a few examples of ways you can help maintain a solid connection between your home and the classroom.

Keep your contact information fresh
Learn how to use the password-protected form at to provide the school—and other families—with any changes to your contact information during the year. 

Read the weekly emails
Weekly emails provide reminders, announcements, and links to important school forms. This is a simple way to stay on top of the day-to-day life at Gordon. If you do not begin receiving these in August, use the “Join an email list” link at the bottom of every page of the Gordon website.

Consider social media
Gordon shares on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To see everything as soon as it goes online, check Gordon's Facebook. All posts are included in the Thursday email, so families don't need to use social media to follow along.

Check backpacks
Some teachers enlist their students to bring notices and classroom newsletters home to their parents. Encourage students to take their courier responsibility seriously; these notices are a great way to find out what’s happening in their lives.

Learn about the parent organizations
The Gordon Community Association, or GCA, is the school’s parent association. The work of this extremely active group is woven tightly into the life of the school, and all Gordon families benefit from the GCA’s fundraising and volunteering efforts.

Gordon also supports a number of affinity groups for Gordon parents. The longest-running of these is Parents of Students of Color, or POSOC, which meets throughout the year to discuss the distinct issues, needs and experiences of students of color. A full list of parent groups is listed under “Parent education and engagement” at

Attend Overview Nights
At Overview Nights, your child’s teachers give you a look at the year to come and a detailed preview of the coming year’s curriculum. The conversation at Overview Night gets the family-teacher relationship off to a strong start early in the year.

Attend Ages and Stages
Ages and Stages is a series of informal meetings for each grade level. The school psychologist and the division director lead a discussion of the developmental stages that children experience at each grade level. This is one more opportunity to strengthen your connection with the division directors and with the families of your child’s peers.

Engage in a multicultural community
Gordon strives to be a racially diverse and welcoming environment, and that requires an effort from all members of the community. To learn more about this work, explore the resources at

Use the school
Students, parents and caregivers are welcome on campus until 5:30pm every school day, as long as every child is directly supervised by an adult.

Students’ families are welcome to borrow books from the Joukowsky Family Library. In addition to the main collection, the library has a rich and current selection of books on parenting and education.

The Nursery and Preschool sections of the Mann Family Early Childhood Playground are open to everyone outside of school hours (the Kindergarten area is reserved for after school programs). Young children and their families can be found lingering there after pickup on afternoons.

Families also use Gordon’s playgrounds and fields on the weekends. An on-campus play date is a great alternative to a visit to one child’s home. 

All adults are invited to serve themselves coffee and tea in the Commons throughout the day. Even the quickest stop can result in a friendly encounter between adults and students.