Before school

Getting dressed

Gordon does not have a uniform, but there are basic expectations, and Middle School does have a specific dress code that can be found at

Students should have sneakers or other closed-toe shoes on during school. Flip-flops and sandals are not suitable for climbing, running and exploring and thus are not permitted on the playground equipment or recommended for school.

Students go outside throughout the winter months, and they should have warm clothes and be prepared to play outside.

During fall and spring, sunscreen should be applied before children are dressed.

All children must wear sneakers with non-marking soles for physical education classes.

Good judgment is expected of all students. Teachers and staff will use their discretion in determining whether or not an article of clothing is considered appropriate. If a student’s attire is unacceptable, parents may be called to come pick up their child.

Health check

When ill students attend school, they slow their own recovery and pose a health risk for their classmates.

A student should not attend school if he or she
has been vomiting
has a fever of 100 degrees or higher
has diarrhea, persistent severe pain or severe cold symptoms.

Children exhibiting any of these symptoms while at school will be sent home.

Packing food

Students are responsible for their own lunches, either bringing them to school or signing up for the school’s lunch program. more on the lunch program

Refrigeration is not available, and students do not have access to a microwave. Milk is supplied to all students, and water and plastic utensils are available.

Early Childhood and Lower School students have snacks provided in the morning. A second snack is provided in the afternoon for Early Childhood. Middle School students may bring a snack from home to have during morning recess.

Peanut-free and tree nut-free

There are students who are gravely allergic to peanuts, which puts them at a risk for a major reaction that may require emergency medical treatment.

Parents are asked to carefully read and mark the ingredients of all foods that are to be shared in a classroom.

Early Childhood and the Friday Gators Program are peanut free zones, and Lower School and Middle School students have peanut-free tables at lunches.

The school’s caterers do everything they can to ensure that the foods served do not have peanuts, peanut oil or trace amounts. However, parents who have any concerns about the ingredients of any product should send their child to school with what they know to be a safe lunch or snack.

Getting to school

Details on free bus transportation are available at If you have questions about busing, please speak to someone in the Admission Office or at the front desk.

Parking and dropping off

New families should note that traffic congestion occurs at Gordon but does not last long. By arriving even a few minutes before eight, families may find parking and drop off much easier than it would be a few minutes after eight.

When parking in the Maxfield Avenue neighborhood, please be respectful of neighbors’ lawns and driveway access.

Parking is not allowed in front of the school: not in the inner circle nor outside the circle by the stone pillars. That area is a fire lane and must be kept clear at all times for emergency vehicles.

there is an amazing parking map that all families should review

7:15-8am: Early arrivals

Students may arrive any time after 7:15am and go directly to the after school entrance. Children are supervised until 8am, when Lower School students are dismissed to go to their classrooms and Early Childhood students are walked to their classrooms. Students are not allowed to enter the Middle School before 8am.

This coverage of early arrivals is free of charge.