Beginner's Guide to Gordon

Welcome to Gordon

for the families of students who will begin at Gordon in September 2018

Welcome to Gordon School! 

I am so pleased that your family has decided to join Gordon’s community. I, too, will be starting at Gordon next year, arriving in July as Gordon’s next Head of School.

Over the coming months, Gordon will become a place of connection for you, a context to build new relationships, and, most importantly, a challenging and exceptional learning environment for your child.

This Beginner’s Guide to Gordon assists you in learning about Gordon. As with any new place, there are programs, committees, events, people and more that take time to fully understand. I hope this guide will prove a useful resource in the coming months. I also know your parent mentor will assist you in getting to know the school, and, of course, the faculty and staff are always available to answer your questions, too.

Enjoy your spring and summer and prepare for a busy and productive fall at Gordon for you and your child.

All my best,

Dr. Noni Thomas López