This week at Gordon, April 2nd

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Survey says...?

Every Thursday, parents will receive a link to an Online Learning Community parent survey. 

The survey will be brief, covering your reflections on the week. 

Responses will inform the continuing evolution of the Online Learning Community. 

Please complete it by Friday at noon, to allow for administrators to review and process at the end of the week.

It's at

The show must go on

The eighth grade arts council has resolved to hold the April 17th Open Mic, reimagined for the Online Learning Community.

Details to follow!

Wear your gear Friday!

Students are invited to wear their Gordon gear on Friday. Anything green or Gordon-related is welcome.

Parents are invited to send photos of their Gators to Mr. Griffin at 401 480-9933 or

Always looking for helpers

The Gordon community has been proactive and positive in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Keep sharing those stories with Mr. Griffin at 401 480-9933 or

A reminder on personal space in this new era

Thank you to all of the parents and caregivers who are helping get children online every morning.

For students, one key element of the Gordon experience is the opportunity to connect independently with peers and adults outside of their families.

Please give your children space to continue this work online! If your child is settled in and interacting over Zoom, give them some space and stay out of the video.

Because it's on a screen, a Zoom class might feel like a public show or performance, but it isn't. 

It's OK to watch a play performance, but it's not OK to hang around and watch play practice. Think of Zoom class as play practice. We'll let you know when the performances will be.

A reminder on privacy in this new era

Families are placing a lot of trust in each other by allowing video of their children to be shared over Zoom.

Please do not make screenshots, photos, or video captures of Zoom interactions.

The school might make and share video captures or screenshots of Zoom interactions. The school has explicit permission from families to do this, within specific parameters. 

Individual families do not have this explicit permission. Please respect each others' privacy.

If you only do three things this week...

...take four minutes to savor the wholesome goodness of Dr. Thomas López's video from Tuesday link

...consider online music lessons for your child, details at

...catch up on the growing list of helpers in the Gordon community