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The schoolwide calendar at-a-glance

Below is the schoolwide calendar that is updated continuously.

This is the most up-to-date and complete calendar at any given time. Paper calendars are also popular, and the school will issue a full twelve-month calendar as the school year begins with all the major set-in-stone dates for the year. As new events are added, they will be announced in the Thursday Gordon News, added to the Google calendar, and included in a paper calendar update mailed to homes each month. A one-sheet preview of the 2023-2024 calendar is here. 

It does not include athletics, or meetings that are not open to the entire community.

The athletics calendar is at

Learn how to add these calendars to the calendar apps on your devices at



Calendar notes for 2023-2024

What are the numbers on each date?

Gordon has an eight-day rotating schedule. The big numbers indicate each day’s place in the eight-day rotation.

Students and teachers will need these numbers! They are
less important for parents, but Early Childhood and Lower School students will need appropriate sneakers on days
when they have PE.

Making up for lost time

Due to the cancellation of classes during the week before break, school will be open and we will be having full days of classes on Friday, February 9th (originally a professional development day) and Friday, March 29th (originally set aside for Good Friday). 

We usually would avoid adding days into the calendar, but this move will allow us to continue to provide our full academic program while staying flexible in case of severe weather or another regional crisis.

If your child cannot attend school on these days, please reach out to their division director as soon as possible.

After school theater rhythm

There are three seasons of after school theater and three productions: the Middle School play, the Middle School musical, and the third and fourth grade musical.

For many years, the two musicals have alternated between the winter and spring seasons.

This year, we will not be alternating. The Middle School musical will be in the winter, and the third and fourth grade musical will be in the spring, just as they were last year.

This repetition is necessary due to the timing of the eighth grade Civil Rights Trip. With the trip in April, it is impractical to have the Middle School musical in the spring.