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A personalized review can go a long way to conveying what a Gordon education can do for a child - and their family!

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Please write a short response to this prompt:

Rate your overall experience with The Gordon School. What have you liked about the experience?

Then, post it on And do all the five-star ratings they ask you for. It will require making an account with the website, and thus is a little bit of a hassle.

And while you are there...

Use the review you wrote for over at and (their reviews are way at the bottom of the page)


got a Google account? (or a gmail account?)
Google "The Gordon School" then follow the prompt to "write a review"
got a Facebook account?
"recommend" Gordon, or - even better - "write a review"
got a account?
"recommend" Gordon and "add a comment" if you have a moment
got a Yelp account?
believe it or not, people "yelp" Gordon all the time! make sure they see a five-star review by leaving a review on Gordon's page
Don't do this last one unless you regularly review things on Yelp. They are very touchy about getting spammed. Not that this is spam. But still.