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The Gordon School

Stand up for Gordon

Over 50% of the people who choose Gordon first heard about the school from a friend.
By helping bring new families to Gordon, you contribute directly to the warmth and vitality of the school.
Gordon accepts applicants for Nursery (must be three by the first day of school) through eighth grade.

Spread the word about Open House!

Dear Gordon Families, Faculty and Staff,

All of us can help shape the future of Gordon—and the world—by helping spread the word about this amazing school.

Open House is Saturday, October 30th at 9am

Dozens of people help spread the word about this event, through social media, signs in neighborhood cafes, emails to neighborhood groups and good old fashioned word of mouth. 

Here are posts to like and share on social media:

Facebook event
LinkedIn post
Nextdoor event

and here is an instagram image to save and upload to your feed.

Share a friendly note with a neighborhood or professional mailing list

Here's a chunk of text to get you started:

Gordon is a progressive, racially diverse nursery through eighth grade independent school on a twelve-acre campus in East Providence. Their admissions office is eager to hear from anyone who is curious about their options for their child, age three to thirteen. Their open house is Saturday, October 30th at 9am. You can register at or reach out directly to the admissions team at

Reflect on what you value about Gordon so that when someone asks you about it, you feel prepared to share you experience 

This is something we all can do. Thank you for being ready to advocate for Gordon!

Gordon relies on families to help bring new families to the school and to keep this school vital. I am grateful for your partnership in this work.

Please reach out to me if you have ideas or questions - or names of people you feel I should reach out to!

Thanks again,


Ready for more?

Ready for more? More links and resources to help spread the word through reviews and social media are at