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The Gordon School

Flash dance

This is Saturday!

In-person rehearsals Friday, May 20th, 5-6pm and Saturday, May 21st 10-11am. 

The rehearsals are optional but feel free to show up for one or both. Both rehearsals will be located in the field house. It is fine to rely solely on videos but there are some things that are special about the in-person rehearsal.  We have a total of forty-two people signed up for the dance. Imagine the laughter and smiles of our children if everyone showed up ready to go Saturday at 12:25pm. 

Use the form below to have the step videos emailed to you.


Shhhh! Adults only. Don't tell the kids!

Plans are in the works to pull off the first ever Gordon School parent flash dance at Gordon's Spring Picnic!

What is a flash dance? 

A pre-rehearsed choreographed routine that is kept a secret until, well, it's time to dance! Folks who have learned the dance will convene at a certain place at a certain time and begin when they are signaled—and then we watch smiles appear on people's faces! 

What is the point of this? 

Pure joy. It's that simple. This will be a time for parents, caregivers, and Gordon faculty and staff to create a fun memory that brings laughter and smiles in the spirit of community. As an added bonus, children will get to see the adults in their lives taking a break from responsibility, trying something new, being a part of something, and letting loose!

I'm almost convinced. What would I need to do? 

The flash dance is scheduled for 12:30pm on the day of the picnic Saturday, May 21st. So, first, you need to book this in your calendar!

Secondly, you need to let us know you want to participate so that we can send additional information. Using the form below by Monday, May 9th.  

Third, you need to learn the dance. We promise it is a simple routine (a series of steps and moves that will be repeated three times). 

You can learn this routine in one of two ways:

  1. Show up to a rehearsal from 11am-12pm on Saturday, May 14th in the Nelson Field House. Again, shhhhh! The goal is to keep this quiet from the students!
  2. Or, watch a video tutorial. This will be sent by the organizer.

Who is the organizer?

Ryan Mitchner, parent of Ryan in Young Kindergarten is leading this. And, Rodney López will be choreographing. Thank you Ryan and Rodney!

What's the song? 

You'll have to participate to find out! However, think Backstreet Boys. 

Who can participate? 

All adults who are connected to the Gordon community!

Who should I contact with questions?

First, RSVP below. You will receive a video link and more information in the days that follow. However, if you still have questions, reach out to Ryan at  

RSVP now!