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Gordon Community Association

Welcome Families!

The Gordon Community Association is all about building community—school-wide and among grade levels—and supporting our faculty and staff. Everyone is a part of GCA by virtue of being a part of the school. The relationship between parents, students and faculty is what makes the Gordon community strong. 

Some highlights include:
Fall Picnic
Photo Day
Grade level parent and family meet ups
Book Fair coinciding with the annual Visiting Author Program
Faculty and staff appreciation lunches
Athletics Spirit Days
Supporting school run events like Field Day and Carnival
Community-wide GCA meet ups for Coffee in the Commons

If you’re interested in learning more about GCA or ways to get involved, email us at

Here’s to a wonderful year ahead!

Amelie Tartaglione – 2022-23 GCA president

2022-2023 leadership

Amelie Tartaglione

Vice President
Anna Bliss

Claire Moscrop

Fall Picnic
Laura Naughton
Amelie Tartaglione

Book Fair
Karen Isenberg
Jennifer Turner
Used Books
Sarah Butler

Faculty Appreciation
Rachael Armenti
Serena Manny
Heather Mohamed
Prema O’Brien

Grade Representatives:    

Nursery Brooke Seely
Preschool Caroline Ruggles
Young Kindergarten Kerri Augenstein
Kindergarten Natasha Mitchner-Soares and Ryan Mitchner
First grade Jill Moniz
Second grade Leila Zarlenga    
Third grade Rachael Clemons
Fourth grade Jesse Kalb
Fifth grade Wendy Forman and Josie Warden
Sixth grade Jackie Delamatre
Seventh grade Stephanie and Damian Ewens
Eighth grade Jessica Lopez and Jillian Torgan

Gordon Community Association (GCA) Mission Statement:
The Gordon Community Association (GCA) is the overarching parent organization that aims to build community and create connections among all families in the Gordon student body. Through a variety of parent volunteer opportunities, we plan and organize grade-level social activities for student families, community-wide events, and appreciation activities for Gordon faculty and staff. Our activities strive to create a vibrant, supportive community where families feel a strong and positive connection to the school.