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The Gordon School

Gordon Community Association

Welcome Families!

The Gordon Community Association is all about building community—school-wide and among grade levels—and supporting our faculty and staff. Everyone is a part of GCA by virtue of being a part of the school. The relationship between parents, students and faculty is what makes the Gordon community strong, and together it is what makes us special. 

Some highlights include:

Grade level parent and family meet ups
Book Fair coinciding with the annual Visiting Author Program
Gordon Gear (clothing, promotional items)
Community-wide Scavenger Hunt
Faculty and staff appreciation lunches
Photo Day
Spirit Week and Field Day
Supporting community events
Community-wide GCA meetings with presentations from students 

If you’re interested in learning more about GCA or ways to get involved, email us at

Here’s to a wonderful year ahead!

Karen Isenberg and Amelie Tartaglione – 2021-22 GCA co-chairs 

2021-2022 leadership

Karen Isenberg
Amelie Tartaglione

Jac Campos

Committee chairs

Book Fair
Karen Isenberg
Alison Lewkowitz

Scavenger Hunt
Ethan Huckel
Carly Keehn-Schupp

Gordon Gear
Rachael Armenti
Kevin Lindamood

Photo Day
Anthony Green
Angel Tucker


Grade representatives

Nursery Jess Stewart

Preschool Rebecca Garfield and Caroline Mullaney

Young Kindergarten Teal Butterworth

Kindergarten Nick Irving and Oren Shtayermman

First grade Stephanie and Victor Soto

Second grade Alison Perry

Third grade  Mauro Hantman

Fourth grade Beth Moloney

Fifth grade Pam Hitchman

Sixth grade Amanda Jamieson and Chris DeGraffenried

Seventh grade Sylvia Mburu

Eighth grade Cynthia Battle and Esteban Cardemil

The Gordon Community Association (GCA) supports the mission of Gordon. It builds community among students and their families, faculty, administrators, and staff through creative fundraising, educational and social activities.

The Guiding Principles of the GCA are:
To generate good will
To encourage participation of all families
To create a spectrum of opportunities for involvement
To enrich Gordon through the GCA’s yearly gifts