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The Gordon School

Spring surveys

above: Not the lunch survey. We would never ask you to choose between beans, samosas and pizza.

Dear Gordon Families,

This spring has brought a welcome opportunity to imagine and plan for Gordon’s short and long-term future in ways that have not been possible over the past two years. Our families are an essential part of this process, and we need your input as we design our next steps towards enacting our strategic vision for a more just and sustainable world.

I am sharing two different surveys that will be open for the next two weeks. They are very different from each other, but they are both closely related to our interest in understanding more about the Gordon family experience and to our preparations for the months and years ahead. I hope you'll find the time to fill them both out.

One survey seeks to assess the variety of experiences families have with Gordon’s academic and social and emotional programs. We’re interested in learning more about your familiarity with these programs, Gordon’s communication approach, and how well these programs serve student and family needs. Please share your perspective at

The second survey asks for your thoughts and opinions as we consider developing a lunch program at Gordon School. Gordon's strategic vision calls on us to “design and deliver services that meet the needs of children and families living in our fast-paced and ever-changing world" and we need your voice in the conversation as we plan. Please share your thoughts at

While one of the surveys asks for specific demographic information about your family, be assured that all data will be reported in aggregate, and individual children and families will not be identified. Both surveys are anonymous.

These surveys will be open for two weeks, until midnight on Wednesday, April 27th.

Thank you for your input!