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The Gordon School

Creating a gender-safe Gordon

Since 2018, Gordon faculty and administration have been working on a clear, forward-looking set of policies to ensure that Gordon can continue to be a safe place for students of all genders. Endorsed by the Board of Trustees in June 2019, “Gordon School’s Policy and Practices for a Gender Inclusive Community,” is informed by research and best practices and serves as a set of guidelines to support and affirm all students and families.

This policy is online here.

In the fall of 2019, parents met with Carly Allard, Gordon’s Health and Wellness Director, Lynn Bowman, the Assistant Head of School, Judith Gnys, Gordon’s psychologist, and division directors to review the policy. A followup parent dialogue with Dr. Jennifer Bryan offered another opportunity to connect on the topic.

above: in February, Librarian Frances Martindale and Director of Health and Wellness Carly Allard led a conversation on gender, parenting and picture books. If the video above does not display, follow this link

In response to questions from Early Childhood and Lower School parents, another conversation was held in February 2020. Librarian Frances Martindale and Director of Health and Wellness Carly Allard presented their favorite fifteen picture books related to gender, and engaged in conversation about common questions from young children related to gender and identity and tips for caregivers answering such questions. 

The slides from the presentation include links to online resources on pages 19 and 21

Tips on answering children’s questions

A picture book bibliography