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Faculty and staff appreciation

There are many ways that families show their appreciation to Gordon's professional community. 

On parent-teacher conference days, the Gordon Community Association offers a coordinated, community-wide luncheon where caregivers contribute salads, breads, desserts, soups and more. 

Prior to winter break and the end of the school year, some families choose to give gifts to faculty and staff. Similarly, gift giving may happen at the end of a sports season or a theater production. Families are welcome to do this, but gifts are not required or expected. 

Because families often turn to the school or the Gordon Community Association for advice around gift giving, the school and the GCA offers these suggestions:

Give to whom you wish in a way that is meaningful to you. There is no right number of people to recognize with a gift, and there is no right amount of money to spend on gifts. 

Some families make cards or homemade goodies while others purchase gift cards or storebought items. $5-$20 is a typical range for cash or storebought gifts.

Avoid group gifts. While these are great in principle, the reality is often harder than it sounds, and can create more confusion and stress than it saves. 

Gifts may be delivered directly to faculty and staff, to their mailboxes located in the faculty room, or left at the front office if clearly marked.