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Facing Whiteness: an Antiracism Working Group for White Caregivers

Facing Whiteness: the Antiracism Working Group for White Caregivers was founded by Gordon parents who wanted to actively support the anti-bias and multicultural education Gordon offers students by providing opportunities for white parents to examine their own racial identities and privilege, to uncover and challenge their own biases, and to develop antiracism parenting skills.  

The group supports ongoing learning and peer leadership as a way to build white parent capacity in the fight against racism, at home, school, work and beyond.  

Community agreements

All parents who identify as white are welcome to come as long as they respect these community agreements:

Make space/ take space, challenge yourself to listen or speak

Use “I” statements, speak from your own experience

Don’t assume other people’s kids, families, partners, communities are white

Check in when something rubs you the wrong way

We are responsible for building this learning space together

Email conversation

In addition to their monthly meetings, this group has been exchanging resources and processing ideas via email. Anyone who wishes to join the conversation should email Jori Ketten at

Online resources

Parents interested in antiracism work should also visit


Register for the November 8th Zoom


Building on a number of conversations, including those around the 2015 Unpacking Race symposium, Gordon parents worked with the Parents of Students of Color and the Gordon administration to create a program of activities that began in the fall of 2015. 
For more information on the group, contact parents:

Kerri Augenstein

Jori Ketten
Sara Flanders