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The Gordon School

Dropoff and pickup

Arrival to Early Gators and YAP

7:15 to 7:55am

Students in Early Gators and YAP care should enter campus through the gate to the right of Early Childhood playground and follow the path to the Nelson Center entrance.

Staff will greet students at the Nelson Center desk.

At 7:55am, students will be dismissed to their classrooms. 

Dropoff as the school day begins

Arrival on campus in all grades will be 7:55 to 8:10am
Classes begin at 8:10am

From 7:55 to 8:10am, four entrances will be open: the Early Childhood door, the front office door, the first grade door and the Middle School door.

These entrances will be supervised while they are open. Classroom exterior doors will not be used.

Students can be dropped off by car in the first loop or in the Middle School entrance.

Caregivers are free to walk in with students and drop them off in their classroom. Caregivers walking a child to their classroom may park in the parking lots directly in front of the school, noting that some spaces are reserved for Early Childhood, and on surrounding streets. Please do not block neighbors' driveways.

The Commons is also open, with coffee and tea available.

Late arrivals and early dismissals

The front office will be the only entrance and exit available from 8:10am until the end of 3:20 dismissal.  Students arriving after 8:10am will need to use the front entrance to check in. 

Parents are asked to avoid scheduling appointments for children during the school day, but if that is unavoidable, parents who need to pick up students during the school day should call the front desk in advance, at 401-434-3833, and pick up students at the front office.

Students who are leaving early must check out with the front desk before leaving campus

The driveway loop around the flagpole will be closed during the day. It will only be open to cars during dismissal from 3:20 to 3:45, and athletics and theater pickup from 5:00 to 5:30. Delivery trucks, outside vendors, and parents picking up children during the school day will need to park in the parking lot, or drive up to the stone pillars outside the flagpole loop.

Early dismissals should be communicated to the teacher with a cc to Kim O’Donnell as far in advance as possible so that teaching teams can plan. Early dismissals not communicated by the beginning of each day may result in caregivers needing to wait while students are located and supervision is coordinated.

Early Childhood families who have established a part-time schedule do not need to call each day. Caregivers should proceed to the front circle by car or wait by the Early Childhood entrance in person. A teacher will escort children there.

Caregivers picking up a child due to illness should call the front desk at 401-434-3833 when they arrive.


This year, the dismissal procedure will be simplified. All students who are not riding the bus or participating in an after school activity will be picked up in the front circle beginning at 3:20 each day.

For those of you who remember the days before COVID, this is a return to that system. If all you know is COVID dismissal, this is much simpler.

Planning ahead

Every morning, advisors and classroom teachers establish what each child is doing at dismissal to ensure a smooth transition. If your child is going to after school care or to an enrichment, music lesson, athletics, Common Ground, Girls on the Run or the play, make sure they go to school knowing that plan or, in the younger grades, be sure the teacher knows the plan.

If your child’s pickup plans change over the course of the day, call Gordon at 401-434-3833. Email is not a reliable way to communicate such a timely message. Speak to the front desk, and they will let the appropriate people know.

Students can only be released to authorized adults. Go to to review who is authorized to pick up your child, and add names if necessary.

Parking and walking up

Parents and caregivers may park and, at 3:20pm, walk up to the front of the school to collect their child. Middle School students will be called to the front of the school when their parent arrives; younger students will already be out front waiting.

Parents and caregivers may park in the Early Childhood lot or on the street, making sure not to block any driveways. 

Parents and caregivers parking in the lotsi n front of Early Childhood should approach Gordon’s campus from Hazard Avenue and use the entrance at the intersection of Hazard and Maxfield. see maps below

Parents and caregivers parking on the street should be aware that there will be a car pickup line forming on Martin and Maxfield Avenue. Don't park there!

Parents and caregivers must check out their child with their child’s teacher or the team leading Middle School pickup.

Cars in the Early Childhood lots should exit through the Vincent Avenue entrance, then either proceed east on Vincent Avenue or south on Maxfield Avenue toward Hilltop. During dismissal, staff and security will be on hand to direct traffic, and Maxfield Avenue becomes an unofficial one-way street going south. see maps below


Remaining in your car for 3:20 pickup

Parents and caregivers can also drive through the front circle.

These cars should approach the school from Martin Avenue and Maxfield Avenue, and be prepared to wait in a line without blocking neighbors' driveways. see maps below

The dashboard signs in the August mailing should be displayed at pickup.

Cars should exit through the Vincent Avenue entrance, then either proceed down east on Vincent Avenue or south on Maxfield Avenue. During dismissal, staff and security will be on hand to direct traffic, and Maxfield Avenue becomes an unofficial one-way street going south towards Hilltop Avenue. see maps below

After 3:20 dismissal

Students who are not picked up at dismissal will go to Gators or YAP. If you are running late for dismissal, take a moment to call and let the school know.





After school: 3:20 to 5:30pm

Picking up from Gators and YAP between 3:30pm and 5:30pm

The Nelson Field House entrance will be the only entrance available between 3:30 and 5:30pm. Parents will walk up to this entrance to pick up students from after school programs, except theater and athletics, which have their supervised dismissal in the flagpole loop at 5pm.

Picking up from athletics and theater at 5pm

Theater rehearsal and athletics ends at 5pm. Students will exit to the flagpole circle and parents and caregivers should drive through and pick them up.