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The Gordon School

Viewing Gordon’s calendar on other devices

This system is set up to feed Gordon’s calendars into a variety of different scheduling apps on your computer, phone or tablet. 

If the directions below don’t cover your situation, please email

Google calendar 

This is easier on a computer or a tablet (not a phone)

1. For this process, Google calendar users should view this miniature version of Gordon's calendar, below, on a computer or tablet (not a phone).

2. Click the “+Google Calendar” button in the lower right-hand corner of the Gordon calendar above.

3. A series of prompts will appear. Answer the prompts, and choose the calendars you want to add. When you're done, you will have your own Google calendar open, with Gordon's calendars listed under the "Other Calendars" menu to the left.

note that there are no longer different calendars for each division. All that stuff is now in Schoolwide!

But nothing happened!
If you clicked on the the "+Google Calendar" button and it seems like nothing happened, open up your own Google calendar and check below the "Other calendars" list. You may need to click on the small triangle next to "Other" to get a list to appear. 
Still nothing? Email Geoff Griffin at and let him know you are stuck.

On an Android phone

Android users should follow the instructions for "On Google Calendar" above.
The calendars should automatically appear on your phone’s calendar when it refreshes.
If it does not work that easily, email Geoff Griffin at or try Google's Sync Calendar with a phone or tablet help page.

On an iPhone or iPad, if you have a Google account

iPhone and iPad users who have a Google account may need to take an additional step before they can get the calendars on their phone or tablet.
After adding the calendars using the "Google Calendar" instructions above, go to this link:

…and check off the Gordon calendars that appear under “Shared Calendars”. Then click “save”.
That should get Gordon's calendars on your phone's calendar. If that doesn't work, please email or check Google's Sync Calendar with phone or tablet help page.

On a Mac, iPhone or iPad, using the Apple Calendar

If you use the Apple Calendar app that comes pre-installed with your Mac, iPhone or iPad, follow these instructions.

On Microsoft Outlook, or other software not covered here

Google has a help page for you!

If you do not use Google Calendar or Apple Calendar, please follow this link.