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Using Gordon's calendars

The most up-to-date and complete calendar at any given time is the Google-based calendar that can be found below. It is designed to feed directly into a phone's scheduling software.

First-time visitors who are interested in adding Gordon's calendar to their own calendar system should view this page through a computer or a tablet, then use the links on the right to install the calendar.

Paper calendars are also popular, and the school will issue a full twelve-month calendar as the school year begins, with all the major set-in-stone dates for the year. As new events are added, they will be announced in the Thursday Gordon News, added to the Google calendar, and included in a paper calendar update mailed to homes each month. 

We also have the basic 2022-2023 first-day last-day and holidays calendar as a pdf.

What’s here and what isn’t

The calendar is made up of several sub-calendars, so that families who do not participate in Middle School athletics, for instance, can turn off those listings. You can scroll down for a complete explanation of each calendar.

You may turn the sub-calendars on and off as you browse on a tablet or computer, by clicking the arrow next to “week, month, agenda” in the upper right of the calendar. On your phone, you can hide calendars using your phone's settings.

Clicking on any calendar listing brings up more details and, when available, a link to more information.

What’s in each sub-calendar

00 Schoolwide is for everyone. It contains crucial events, like the first day of school! 

05 Board and GCA committees has all of the regular small-group meetings that include parents. Larger meetings where anyone is welcome to drop in (like the open GCA meetings) are on the Schoolwide calendar.

06 Middle School athletics has games and practices

note that there are no longer different calendars for each division. All that stuff is now in Schoolwide!

Know what you need? Get directions on viewing this calendar on other devices.

What are the numbers on each day?

Gordon has an eight-day rotating schedule.

The big numbers in the Schoolwide calendar indicate each day's place in the eight-day rotation.

Students and teachers will need these numbers! They are less important for parents, but Early Childhood and Lower School students will need appropriate sneakers on days when they have PE.