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The Gordon School

Safety and security

Emergency contacts
During the enrollment process, all families fill out a form with emergency contact information that remains on file with the school. Copies go with chaperones whenever students leave campus. Parents are responsible for keeping this information current; the information can be updated at Contact the front desk if you have any questions.

Winter storms
Gordon has a simple policy for extreme weather:
There are no delayed openings or early closings.

If school is cancelled, the decision will be made by 5:30am and announced shortly thereafter on radio and television, and through the school’s automated phone alert system.

If school is not cancelled, classes will begin on time and the school will remain open until the last child is picked up. If weather deteriorates, after school programs besides Gators and YAP may be cancelled. This decision would be announced by one pm, and would impact every after school activity except Gators and YAP child care.

When school is closed, all after school programs are cancelled as well.

Bus riders should check for closures in their local school district. If local public schools are closed, the bus will not be running.

Further information, and links to receive text messages from the Rhode Island Broadcasters' Association, at

Crisis communication

Gordon has an upgraded two-way radio system, secure doors during school hours, and ample medical evacuation supplies. A crisis planning team meets on a monthly basis to review established procedures and plan for regular school-wide drills. 

Gordon uses a third-party notification service that sends telephone messages to parents with important information about emergencies and timely announcements, including school cancellations due to inclement weather. 

The system is configured so that, when it is used:

all of the phone numbers listed in the school directory will be called

caller IDs will display “411”

the system will play a recorded message when the phone is answered


Privacy and the directory

  • Gordon provides a printed and online directory to support communication among households on matters directly affecting students’ lives.
  • Parents are urged not to allow the information in the book to be used outside of the context of Gordon.
  • The use of the names, addresses, emails, or phone numbers for any other purpose, however well intentioned, undermines the school’s efforts to sustain open, easy and effective communication among Gordon families.

Privacy and the web

  • Gordon vigorously defends the online privacy of families. 
  • Students’ names are not used on the website.
  • The private portion of the website is protected by the same security standards used on the websites of banks, email providers and online retailers.
  • Parents are also welcome to change the information in their profiles so that it cannot be viewed online.

Privacy and publications

  • Gordon routinely uses photographs of campus life in publications and on the web. Student names are not used. Families give permission for this during the enrollment process each year.
  • Parents are also asked to give a separate permission to have their child included in press coverage, or other media not created by the school.

Any questions about privacy can be directed to the Communications Director, Geoff Griffin, at