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The Gordon School

Giving at Gordon

Gordon’s enrollment forms include an opportunity to declare your interest in volunteering, and there is another form at available all year round.

Volunteer for the GCA 
The Gordon Community Association, the school’s parent volunteer group, will host a volunteer fair in September with opportunities to get involved in its busy and varied list of activities.

Volunteer in other ways

Many teachers welcome family members into the classroom to share a special skill, hobby or area of expertise, or simply to read a book aloud to students. Ask your classroom teacher how you might help.

The librarians always appreciate help shelving books or staffing the checkout desk.

Volunteers labor behind the scenes at the after school theater productions, as well as the special events produced by the Development and Admission offices.

The Development Office’s Gordon Fund welcomes parents who can call other parents to talk about philanthropic support for the school.

The Admission Office enlists interested parents to assist with recruitment, mentoring, leading tours, and more.


The Gordon Fund is a fundraising drive in which parents, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the school contribute to Gordon’s annual budget. Every gift from a Gordon parent, no matter what the size, helps bring the Gordon Fund to its goal of 100% parent participation.

Gordon’s endowment consists of assets that are managed by Gordon’s Investment Committee. Gordon uses the interest from these investments, but does not spend the principal. 

Endowed funds are portions of the endowment that are dedicated to a specific area of school operations. These funds can be established in recognition of a family, person, or graduating class with a minimum gift of $25,000.

The eighth grade class gift is a giving effort where parents from the graduating class come together to support a specific piece of the school’s programs in honor of the students in the class.